Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Thank you letter

Dear Miss Parrant

Thank you Miss parrant for looking after us when we sleep.I know u were very tired but thank
you for everything you have done. Like caring about us and also  making us safe and do the right
Miss Parrant i hope u have a wonderful day whatever u do and wherever you go
you'll always me happy.

I had a AWESOME Time at camp my highlight was kayaking because it was the
coolest highlight i have ever been on.Thank you Miss Parrant for doing this camp
even the other teacher thank you for organizing the fun camp
. thank you have done  thanks a lot for this cool camp.

My other highlight is killer zone also thank you Mr Jacobson for making this fun activities for us.
Mr jacobson thanks for this camp and also Mr Burt thank you too. And i liked the killer
zone i had fun with Mr Jacobson a huge thank to all the teacher that looked after us and care
about thank you.

Yours sincerely

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