Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Km and M

Convert these measurements to either km or m

1000 m = 100 m

5.5 km = 5.50 km

2500 m = 250 m

3500 m = 350 m

4.7 km =4,70 km

3700 m = 370 m

9.6 km =9.60 km

3.9 km = 3.90 km

9800 m =980m

6.9 km = 6.9 km

400 m =40 m

0.6km = 6 km

3.5 km =3.50

0.9 km = 9 km

500 m = 50 m

350 m = 3.5 m

1500 m = 150 m

1.2 km = 1.20 km

Swimming Day

The Real Story of The Princess and the Pea

The Real Story of The Princess and the Pea
WALT: retell a fairy tale with a significant twist

Character twist
The twist Character is princess to Cinderella.
Setting Twist
Setting twist it still the castle
Problem Twist
Problem Twist is that the cinderella walks out the castle.Also when the queen and the prince said it was a test.

When a prince is looking for a princess
When the queen puts 20 mattress and a little pea
When they don’t get married.

Start Writing here:

Once upon a time there lived a Prince he was abandoned from his family only when he was a baby.The Prince got older he thought to his mind that he wanted to have a Princess. The prince went all around the city to see and find a princess to be with him but there was no one that could ever be the princess in the city of the Prince.One night it was stormy and that the thunder howled and there was lightning.As The prince and the Queen was going down stairs to eat dinner as soon as the prince step straight on to the floor the prince heard a knock then the Prince went to the door and opened it there was a shaggy ugly princess she said that she was a  princess but they call her cinderella she was so ugly but when the shaggy ugly cinderella said if she can come in but the prince said no only if you are here to be my princess,So the Prince knocked again loudly then before and said can i come in then the queen just popped out of nowhere and said yes you may then she went inside took her clothes off but she had a dress on then the queen said that she has a test to see if she is a real princess.

So the queen said that they planned to see if she's the real princess so the queen went to a room and put 20 mattress on top then put pea
underneath the 20 mattress it was so high that the queen had to put a ladder on to go right to the top the mattress was nearly right to the sealing that your almost gonna fall.It look scrayon the outside but sometimes it will look good in the outside so it was getting darker so the queen said that they had to sleep on the 20 mattress.The next Morning the princess which is wanted to call cinderella cam and sat down and also the queen and prince was there they sat down and started to eat they ate and was also talking as they finished they packed everything on the table then went to the room as she went to the room the queen and prince said that well done how was your sleep then the cinderella said it was good but not really.Then Cinderella said that it wasn't that comfortable because i felt a rock or something said the cinderella then the queen said it was a test she did it she pass the test well they said ahhh than cinderella said wait it was a test oh bye.  FIND OUT ON THE NEXT PAGE…….

Before the princess which is cinderella left the prince said ‘’why are you leaving now’’ because you said it was a test’’ said cinderella as cinderella talked for so long Prince said that i want you to be a princess and the mum allowed and then the prince said don’t leave me i want a princess to rule the city with me please begged the prince.Never said the princess which is cinderella also Cinderella said well i’m going to find someone else that can look after me and she did But however the prince never ever got to have a princess.TO BE CONTINUED

Friday, 31 August 2018


Walt: Work as a group to solve a maths problem. Explain what we did to solve the problem and what the story is telling us.

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