Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Who Am I

Have you ever played a game called Who

Am I?.Room 8 from pt England school played a game which is mostly about guesting.Room 8 class plays a game which is Who Am I and when we finish we always write a narrative writing or a interesting writing so that we can learn.
So first we sat on room 8 mat to listen to Miss Parrant instructions.(Miss parrant is a teacher for room 8 class).Then Miss Parrant said that we had to find a partner.I was with Nevayah,farah which was my student friends.

Miss Parrant said that we have to go and pick a card or a paper.We had to  put it on our head so the person that don't have the paper is going to act  what the card is.The person that has the card as to guest what was written on it.

Miss Parrant said that if you have finish the answer you go to her and grab another card .The person that has the most points wins.Me and my friends were having fun.We enjoyed playing and acting it was very enjoyable.

This game was cool because we were going well and that me and my friends found it cool.My friends did not win but we still have fun.This was an experience so that we can write a narrative writing.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Marshmallow Challenge 2018

Have you ever had Marshmallow challenge before? Well Room 8 Literacy has.Today
Room 8 literacy
did a marshmallow challenge we had lots of fun. Room 8 makes things fun and when we
do like a game
or a Experience we need to write a recount of what we had done.

Miss Parrant told all of room 8 to go and sit on the blue screen she was telling us the
instructions.Miss Parrant
said we had to listen so that when we go off and do the challenge we will know what to do.
Miss Parrant said the
who makes the tallest tower that’s standing they win.

Miss parrant next instructions were too go to the table 123 said Miss parrant and as quickly Room 8
started. We could  see a New Experienced that we have done.Creating a tower is really difficult by
putting it up and trying to let it stand. Doing it with you friends is cool because your friend might do
some creating things to make a tower.

Room 8 had to manage to make a tower out of pasta sticks and one marshmallow Also tape.Room 8
only had 18 minutes in 18 minutes they had to try to make the tower the tallest and try to make  it
stand.My friends that i created my tower was my firends.
Quincess, Tepaia ,Paige,Nevayah our tower was going good.

Me and my friends created our tower and it stand and it was the tallest. our team was
happy with what we had done it was our favourite challenge with the pasta sticks and one
marshmallow also a tape. Room 8 had fun and Also creating our tower Me an My friends were
the winner.Being the winner is happy and we were the winners that won out of our whole class

Walt: create a structured recount with correct tenses and punctuation.

Complete the challenge with your friends and then use this template to write a recount.

Rory Paints a Cat