Friday, 18 November 2016

Film Festival

Arriving at school with my friends I was so exciting when I went into the class and sat down. Then the teacher said our reading group for us to line up. When we line up outside I was nervous because I might be on the screen. Then we walked across to the hallway and went out the door and through the gate then the bus arrived.

Our class went on a big bus it was so cool and amazing we went up on the steps in the front a;lset was low and the set at the back was high .When we sat on the bus the chair was very hard it was like a wood on my bottom everybody was screaming in the bus and it was so noisy.when we arrived at Sylvia Park we got out of the bus then the bus went away all the bus was all crowded all together.

We walked into the sylvia park we saw a lot of people all around sylvia park we went up a stairs,when we were on the stairs the staris was moving up so that we can go up.We walked into a door and they was food around us.We so shops everywhere we saw teachers making us go through the right was very dark when we went up we saw a big huge sreen in front of us we saw a staris so we went up it as we went up it the teacher Miss King told me to go and and set with two girls and is was Jarreka and hope.

When we all sat down the chair was so comfortable, we were scared and Nervous,the the movie started then a boy was talking about when was the film festival then it was finished. two presenters went up on the stage and said a word about their classroom. When we watched their movie it was so amazing and also cool it was so interesting about.

Every Time when a movie finish the two presenters always comes on the stage and we can cheer loud for them so that they can be so proud.When the film festival finish we all got up and walked down the steps when we got to the floor we went through the door and as soon as we got out we saw two schools around us.There coulro was yellow and blue we walked past them and out of the door.

We went down a different steps at was grey as we got on the floor we walked to the bus some people had to stand and set down i had to set down and the older kids had to stand up but not all of them. As we arrived at school we all had to get of the bus and line up in front of our teacher.The teacher said to go in the hall so we went,as we got there we sat down on the floor and be quiet. Mr Jacobson warn us, he said when i say your class you go and line up in front of your teacher then we did. And we walked back to our class.Then we got to our class and had to eat then i went to play it was my cool day today my favorite was we are family then the senior went to makalani to watch their movie they went on the bus to like us.

Thursday, 10 November 2016


We learnt about kilograms and grams. We estimated and measured.

Station two

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Screenshot 2016-11-10 at 10.38.20 AM.png
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