Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Today was the day to open our Gingerbeer. You can't believe what i just saw, it was so fun when we opened the bottle led the water came out of the bottle and splash everywhere on us.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Use your imaginotion

Why was Clare bored?
Because she was sick of watching T.V and mum spent all day on the competer
Why did Clare change her mind about going to the library?
She change her mind because of her mum told to go to the library but she thought that reading was boring.
Why was Clare going to be late home?
Because she promised her mum that she will be home at 12.00 clock
How did Clare control where she was going when she was flying?

Clare headed down through the cloud,hoping her mother would see her land on the lawn.
Describe the place where Clare landed?
she  landed,on a bridge.
Why do you think no one was in the boats?
She walked across the the bridge. Boats glided up and down the river, but there was no people in the streets. Slowly she climbed the steps to one of the buildings and knocked on the door. Come in said a voice that sounded familiar. Clare opened the door. Inside, a woman was sitting on a cushion in a room full of books.
Why do you think the author decide to have Clare’s mum surrounded by books?
Because she wanted her daughter to more read books she liked reading some books so thats why mum bring her book because she was on the T.V
What is the main message of this story?

Draw your own imaginary place. Write 1-2 sentences describing the place and 1-2 sentences explaining what you do there and how you would feel being their.

her daughter had to read books their was books everywhere.She was reading it for a long time 

use your imagination.jpg

Describe your place.
What would you do there?
How would you feel when you were there?

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Runaway Robot.

In the beginning a man named Moses created a robot. the robot's name was Makea and the little boys name was Matthew.Then he was tried Makea fall asleep. Moses put him in a lab when he woke up it was so
dark he saw a big hole he went through it. He found a  door and opened it.

He ran away as fast as he could from Moses who was being mean to him. He was at a road with flowers, trees and houses.The houses were so old. Makea went into the house it was very creepy. There was Matthew hiding under the bed.Matthew looked at Makea had a shadow because Makea copied every thing he did.

Makea went in the kitchen and  there  was a fridge where the sink was, he opened it because he was hungry he grabbed the chicken and ate it.When he went over to the sink a grabbed a glass of water and drank it.When he was all finished his food and his glass of water he went and cleaned the whole mess that he made on the table. Matthew was kind to Makea because he made his bed. Makea was so happy he stayed with Matthew for his rest of his life.

Friday, 14 October 2016

The good scientist

In an underground house there was a good scientist named Doctor Julius. He was making a machine. The machine had to make the ice cream and the burger to fall from the sky. The machine heats up water to make a ice cream and the burger.  

Once he was finished he put water into the machine Then he fall asleep because he was tired.

Then the next day he woke up and the water had changed into a burger and a ice cream. The machine flew the ice cream and the burger from the floor to the sky.
And then in the evening  the ice cream,and burger was falling down from the sky.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

became firends again

In the beginning there was a girl name sriyah there was lady her name was miss king that was syriah’s mum there were two boys named Tonga and Lata ana a plioce named lulu she was a girl.They lived in a underground house Tonga and Lata was next door to sriyah house and lulu's house Tonga said to Lata do you want to have a walk in the bush then he replied yes to Tonga so they went for a walk in the bush while there were walking into the bush they saw sriyah walking into the bush to then the  boys said hi to sriyah then she replied back and said hi at the boys.

Then the next morning sriyah went to walk to the shop she brought  a chocolate and chips she went back home.As soon as she got back home she saw the two brothers fighting they were saying this is mind not yours they both said.They were fighting over siryah’s teday berbecause when miss king went to Tonga and Lata’s house the two boys saw her and said who are you said the two boys then miss king said i am siryah’s mum.

She went inside Tonga and Lata’s house and looked every where it was a mess she walked in the kitchen they were fighting in the kitchen.The at night they stop fighting and they had a rest they the two boys slept miss king went home and had a rest until the next day. They woke up and everything was alright the miss king went in the house Tonga and Lata was still sleeping so she clean everything they did when they were still sleeping then when she was finish she went home when she got home syirah got out from her bed and went into the kitchen she grab the rice bubbles and grabbed a plant  then she put the rice bubbles inside the plant and grabbed a tea spoon and ate it when she ate it the rice bubbles staring falling down her house was a mess so she clean her house because of syriah she made a mess in the house she cleaned it.The next day  syriah was happy because in the morning she saw Tong and Lata playing tag so Lata ask if syirah wanted to play then she said yes to him that was the most good thing she lilked then they become best friends forever.