Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Forces of Flight Animation

This is My Animation about the Four Forces of Flight.
The four forces of Flight is Lift, Drag, Weight, and Thrust.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Fun Writing

Once upon a time there was a boy named Itachi he lived in New York.Itachi got home then he got changed.As Itachi got changed his mum said itachi come so Itachi went to his mum.Yes mum  Itachi said what is it can you help me with the cooking Itachi said mum okay said itachi
Mum what are we cooking tonight said Itachi we are cooking mince and rice said mum okay said Itachi Mum said everything that they had to do for cooking.Itachi finish help mum and went back in his room to sleep.

The Next Morning Itachi’s alarm came on he started to wake up itach got up and changed out of his sleeping cloths.Itachi went to the kitchen to look for his lunch he looked but there was nothing there so Itachi said MUM WHERE IS MY LUNCH FOR SCHOOL shouted Itachi loudly.It is in your room said mum so Itachi went in the room and looked for it the lunch was on the desk he grabbed it and put it inside his bag then he left to school.Itachi got to school and he went in his class itachi’s teacher called the role out Itachi’s name was called out Itachi said Good Morning but the teacher did not hear him say anything so Itachi’s teacher said itachi’s name again and the teacher could not hear a single sound of itachi so the teacher looked up at him then itachi raised his hand the teacher did his role and ticked it.Itachi know that he could not talk because he shouted loudly and that the teacher could also not hear him say anything not even a single word came out of Itachi’s mouth so he said to himself i have lost my voice oh no what am i going to do said itachi.Itachi walked home and he open the door and went inside Itachi said hi mum i’m home then mum did not say anything because mum did not hear anything from Itachi.

Itachi forget that he had lost his voice then his mum asked itachi to come so he went to mum itachi said what but not saying anything just the action but mum said instead of the action you can also do the writing on the paper so mum gave Itachi a piece of paper and one pen itachi wrote everything about what happen when he lost his voice.Itachi wrote the first sentence like this it all started when i yelled loudly about my lunch then i went to school and my teacher said Good morning the i said Good morning but he could not hear me so now i need to tell my teacher about my voice so that when he says Good morning i can get my paper and pen and write Good morning really big so that my teacher can see my writing.And also tell his friends about his voice and that they need to promise they went tell anyone his friends names were bob,james,isaac,and his favorite friend is sione they were Itachi’s friend so Itachi went back home ate dinner then went to sleep.

The next morning the alarm came on then he got up got changed after that he brushed teeth and washed his face Itachi’s mum called Itachi so Itachi grabbed his pen and paper and went to his mum.itachi said mum yes itachi wrote it on the paper mum said try to say something like hi so itachi said hi then his voice came back and then itachi was happy and also mum was happy Itachi got ready put his shoes on and went to school the teacher called Itachi’s name and he said Good Morning and now Itachi got his voice back and his friends and his teacher was happy and itachi and his mum lived happily ever after

Friday, 22 June 2018


Walt: use information from across multiple sources.

description: Today what have learnt about Mario we were writing about Super Mario

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Color Swicth

Description:This game is about learning the colors by putting it in the same color as the ball

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Reviewing B-Cubed Game

Description:This game is about learning the difference between the red and the grey cubes.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

This week number of the week is.......

Walt: Work as a group to solve a maths problem. Explain what we did to solve the problem and what the story is telling us.
Walt: answer a question with decimals.

Task Description:This week we are leaning about solving the problem and also about doing the problem.The activity was about doing place value by using money and also making the number in word form This is what we are learning about